Our Mission is to provide offenders job skills training to support positive behavior and successful transition into the community, at no cost to taxpayers. We make an effort to fulfill our mission every day with recidivism-reducing programs such as EMPLOY and BRIDGE.

MINNCOR Industries provides premium manufactured goods and services to government entities, educational institutions, non-profit organizations, and private sector companies in Minnesota.

Why do we offer so many products?

In order to create opportunities for local businesses, MINNCOR makes every effort to maintain product and service diversification. We strive to not be a dominant competitor in any particular business area segment.

Need something Assembled, Packaged, Painted, Stamped, Sewn, Bent, Welded, Fabricated or something else entirely? How about custom cabinets or woodworking? Click here to see some of the ways we can assist you with our Subcontract Labor & Manufacturing services.

MINNCOR Industries is also a full-service commercial printer. We specialize in high quality one, two and four color printing. For ordering information, click here.

From office seating to conference chairs, lounge and dormitory furniture, MINNCOR has it all. For example, MINNCOR has over 30 different styles of chairs, designed specifically with the end-user in mind! Contact your MINNCOR Sales Representative to learn more about our varied seating options, or view more of our office furniture product line here.

MINNCOR sells high-quality products in many areas, including custodial products, high vis items, residential furniture and more