About Us

As the Minnesota Department of Corrections industry program, MINNCOR Industries maintains a delicate balance of providing works skills training to offenders and premium products to customers while maintaining financial self-sufficiency.  Receiving no state subsidies, taxpayer dollars or grants, MINNCOR runs a contemporary, cohesive, self-sufficient business operation, featuring 18 diverse product lines.

Quality products and services, competitive pricing, ease of purchase, and superior customer service are offered to all government agencies, private non-profits, K-12 education, universities, cities, and counties.

MINNCOR also offers subcontract opportunities to all Minnesota manufacturing and service industries through a large, flexible/skilled workforce, improved margins, quality, delivery, superior customer service, geographic flexibility, and a one-stop solution providor - all at competitive prices.

MINNCOR Industries is a proud member of the following non-profit, state-wide and national organizations.