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What is MINNCOR?

MINNCOR Industries is a self-sufficient division of the Minnesota Department of Corrections.  MINNCOR receives no State subsidies, taxpayer dollars or grants.  MINNCOR operates under an enterprise fund and must generate revenue to pay for its expenses.  MINNCOR follows best practices in business and adheres to GAAP, FASB and GASB guidelines.

MINNCOR employs inmates in its production and services.  Inmates are paid for their labor.  Monies earned by inmates are subject to a variety of mandatory deductions, depending upon the specific kind of work program and amount of wages earned.  Inmates are generally required to pay all federal and state taxes, forfeit a portion of their wages for the cost of their incarceration, provide financial assistance to their dependents, contribute to victim's compensation and / or restitution, and assist in the expense of special inmate programs.  Any profits MINNCOR generates through the sale of products and services are used for offender education, re-entry, the EMPLOY program, capital improvements and / or to expand the business.

What can MINNCOR do for you?

A viable alternative to temp agencies or overseas outsourcing, MINNCOR Industries can be your contract manufacturer.  We provide many companies with the ability to manufacture their product with minimal capital and / or startup expense on their part.  MINNCOR provides the ability to be a primary manufacturer for your company or can be used to provide additional capacity to your current manufacturing processes.  By partnering with MINNCOR, you avoid the issues and costs of equipment repair, capital investment, training or equipment operators and equipment idle time.

What areas can MINNCOR help your business succeed?

MINNCOR provides contract manufacturing in the areas of metal production, wood production, sewing/upholstery, assembly/rework, packaging, welding, bottling, sorting/weighing, gluing/soldering/deburring/trimming and collating/mailing.  Our experienced professionals can aid your company in providing a quality product at a reasonable price.  This lets you concentrate on servicing your customer versus servicing equipment or manufacturing facilities.  Please see the MINNCOR's Subcontract Manufacturing site for more information in these categories. MINNCOR follows the Prison Industry Enhancement Certification Program (PIECP) Guidelines as stated in the Department of Justice, Office of Justice Programs, Bureau of Justice Assistance (click here for the BJA PIECP Brief).

What products does MINNCOR produce?

MINNCOR currently operates 18 business units that produce the following MINNCOR products: Cabinetry & Casework, Custodial Products, Detention Furniture, Detention Plastics, Library Furniture, Linens & Clothing, Mattresses & Pillows, Office Furniture, Outdoor Recreational, Residence Furniture, Residence Metal, Safety Products, Seating / Upholstery, and Womens Clothing.

Who can buy from MINNCOR?

We market to:

  • Minnesota State Agencies
  • Counties, Cities and Townships, Public Schools
  • Other States, Federal Agencies or Other Counties
  • Private Companies and Non-Profit Organizations

Because we are a prison industry who utilizes inmate labor for our products and services, out-of-state sale or resale for use of products manufactured by MINNCOR Industries is mandated by Title 18, Section 1761 of the U.S. Code.