Snow and Ice Melt Products

Ice Beater and Melt It Now products will be available starting October 1, 2018.

Ice Beater! (-25oF) Snow and Ice Melter
20lb Bag, sold as a pallet (100 bags/pallet)
Green Blend, 60% Sodium, 20% Calcium, 20% Magnesium

Ice Beater is *$460.00 per pallet

Melt It Now! (-10o F) Snow and Ice Melter
20lb Bag,
Sold as a pallet (100 bags/pallet)
Blue Blend, 95% Sodium, 5% Calcium

Melt It Now! is *$400.00 per pallet

Heatwave Liquid Pre-Treatment

2 x 2.5G is $110.00.
55G Drum is $625.00
275G Tote is $1,265.00

*Prices do not include shipping, Please call for quote.