Detention Plastics


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MINNCOR’s molded detention and prison plastics are designed to be used in an institutional setting. Footlockers provide inmates a standardized system to store and transport property. Designed by corrections facility staff, the footlockers are easy to move, clean and store.

The footlockers are flame retardant for safe use in cells. They will fit under most beds and are nestable and stackable for convenient storage and transportation. The durable, high impact, recyclable plastic can be easily washed and disinfected and has been cold-tested to withstand sub-zero temperatures. Standard dimensions are 11.25" x 32.25" x 16.25". The unit weighs 10 pounds and comes in either gray or red.

The Minnesota Department of Corrections specifies that all transferred property, with the exception of over-size items such as a television, must fit into two footlockers. When an inmate is moved from cell to cell, the footlockers containing their personal property move with them.


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