Participant Training

The EMPLOY Program is your partner to promote finding the best prospective employee from our current pool of over 200 candidates.  The candidates recommended have met criteria for this program, with qualifications that include:

  • Technical Skills: Candidates are experienced, skilled workers trained in one or more of 38 different trade areas,
    some of which MINNCOR operates and others offered through Minnesota Correctional Education Center.
  • On-The-Job Experience: With an EMPLOY candidate, you are hiring someone who is not only technically trained,
    but an experienced, skilled worker with an average of one year on-the-job training.
  • Training in Job Search Preparation: EMPLOY participants are required to participate in 2-days of job search training;
    a program that focuses on how to be a successful employee.  Training is given in areas such as skill indentification techniques, interviewing, job retention, resume writing, and developing a positive work ethic.