Innerspring Mattresses

MINNCOR's Innerspring Mattresses are a great addition for any residence or social service setting.  It features a 312 coil count Bonnel innerspring with 13-gauge coil wire and a 6-gauge border wire.  Each mattress is made using two 3/8-inch insulator pads filled with fiber, polypropylene, polyester, and acrylic fibers.  They are needle-punched and bonded with a water synthetic resin.

The quilt thread is 450 denier and polyester, making the mattress more durable.  It features a SoffTICK Cover that is sanitary, fluid-resistant, and easy to disinfect, which allows for easy maintenance. All Vintex SoffTICK (t) products are now Certified Safe Guard Barrier Systems, meeting phthalate-free and lead-free CPSIA guidelines.

Our other mattresses feature the Sure-Chek® cover, which is made with the original healthcare fabrics that are the standard in the industry. Sure-Chek® medical fabrics were developed in cooperation with healthcare professionals to provide industrial fabrics that are comfortable, safe and effective for use in healthcare facilities, prison industries, jails, camps, and dormitories. These thermoplastic fabric composites are strong, durable, antimicrobial, antistatic, flame resistant, stain, odor, fluid resistant, and resistant to popular disinfectants when used as directed.

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36" x 75" x 6", Surechek Cover $138.00
36" x 80" x 6", Surechek Cover $150.00
39" x 75" x 6", Surechek Cover $138.00
39" x 80" x 6", Surechek Cover $150.00
54" x 75" x 6", Surechek Cover $173.00
36" x 75" x 6", SoffTICK Cover $131.00
36" x 80" x 6", SoffTICK Cover $144.00
39" x 75" x 6", SoffTICK Cover $131.00
39" x 80" x 6", SoffTICK Cover $144.00
54" x 75" x 6", SoffTICK Cover $171.00
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Security Foam Mattresses

MINNCOR's Security Foam Mattresses are built to withstand the treatment that institutional mattresses are subject to day-in and day-out.  They answer the growing need for an economically priced mattress that retains quality despite hard, institutional treatment.  Security foam mattresses will not support combustion from common ignition sources (cigarettes, matches, etc.).  It won't melt, drip, or emit low smoke.  The mattress is compliant with the standards outlined in 16 CFR Part 1633, which means, if ignited, it will limit the spread and intensity of a fire to allow for more time to exit the establishment.

Security Foam Mattresses can be easily searched for contraband because of the dense foam construction and closure seam located only at the bottom of one end.  We've extended the life of the mattress by using quality materials and manufacturing the product with load-bearing characteristics in mind.  Its box construction has two inverted side seams centered along the length of the mattress and filled with compression foam.  The mattress features a Sure-Chek® XL cover that is antimicrobial, hyper allergenic, waterproof, and stain resistant.  Cleaning is a breeze and only requires soap and water.

The Security Foam Mattress is available in 7 standard sizes; special orders can be individually quoted.

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