Patio Accessories

 MINNCOR has available many outdoor patio products available, including fire rings and grills. Click here to request more information or call us at 1.800.MINNCOR (646-6267).

Fire Rings

MINNCOR fire rings are a great addition to any outdoor area.  They contain campfires to reduce the hazard of fire, featuring a solid 3/16-inch construction.  The 26" fire ring is built with the ability for you to secure it to the ground.  It also comes standard with a permanent attached cast iron 16" x 18" grill. The 30" fire ring is built with fastening stakes already attached; these will allow the user to push the fire ring into the ground to secure it.  Fire rings with grills have a 14-inch vertical adjustment to ensure proper cooking height and uniform cooking temperatures.

  Price Qty
26x24, with Grill, Handicapped Accessible $210.00
30" Diameter x 12"H, without Grill $85.50
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MINNCOR grills are a necessary addition to parks and other recreational areas.  The pedestal outdoor grill features a cast-in-concrete style with coil-wrapped handles for safe height adjustment.  It has the ability to rotate 360-degrees in order to account for the wind and comes equipped with a non-removable 15” x 20” grill cooking surface.  The grill is constructed using solid steel and includes tamper-resistant screws.

For installation instructions, please click here.

  Price Qty
TORX Tamper Resistant Bit $4.40
Optional Shelf $24.50
10 x 15 x 21, Open $229.50
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