Park Seating

If you need a park bench or picnic table, you've come to the right place.  MINNCOR has been producing these items for many years and understands the wants and needs of our customers. 

All prices quoted below are with the color 'cedar' which is considered standard. The darker 'Spice' is also available at a slight upcharge.

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Park Benches - Composite

All of the boards on this 6' bench are made from plastic waste, primarily milk cartons and laundry detergent containers. It takes approximately eight 1 gallon milk containers to make a pound of material.  Our park benches are made from 3x4 boards, and a composite board that size would equal approximately 199 milk jugs!

Each bench requires 8 of these boards or about 1,592 total milk cartons. Buy these benches to assist in reducing, reusing, AND recycling!

  Price Qty
Without arms, no engraving $491.00
Without arms, with engraving & donation plates $586.00
With arms, no engraving $530.00
With arms, engraving & donation plates $625.00
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Park Benches Cast-In-Concrete

Adding a MINNCOR park bench enhances the beauty and function of any recreational area.  All benches can be free standing or cast-in concrete.  They come available in four-, six-, or eight-foot lengths.  Standard seat height is 18-inches; overall height is 30-inches.  Benches are constructed from 2 ½-inch square steel tubing and are contoured for added comfort.

  Price Qty
1077710400-4 Ft Green-Treated Lumber, Cast-in Concrete $181.50
1077710700-6 Ft Green-Treated Lumber, Cast-in Concrete $221.50
1077707700-8 Ft Green-Treated Lumber, Cast-in Concrete $235.50
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Park Benches Free-Standing

  Price Qty
1077706600 - 4 Ft Green-Treated Lumber, Free-Standing $224.50
1077707300 - 6 Ft Green-Treated Lumber, Free-Standing $273.50
1077707800 - 8 Ft Green-Treated Lumber, Free-Standing $295.50
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Picnic Tables

MINNCOR's Picnic Tables are great for any park or recreational area.  Choose from either rectangular or square designs.  Standard height is 30-inches for the table and 18-inches for the seat.  Rectangular tables come in six and eight-foot lengths in either two 3/8-inch OD galvanized or COR-TEN steel frame tubing.  Tables do require assembly.

To learn more about this product, please see the PDF document.

  Price Qty
1077731820 - 6 Ft COR-TEN Picnic Table, Green Treated $388.50
1077731900 - 6 Ft Galvanized Picnic Table, Green Treated $372.50
1077704820 - 8 Ft COR-TEN Picnic Table, Green Treated $398.50
1077713500 - 8 Ft Galvanized Picnic Table, Green Treated $382.50
1077707000-8 Person Cast in Concrete Square, Green Treated $602.50
1077706900-8 Person Free Standing Square, Green Treated $501.00
1077715450-ADA Picnic Table End Bracket Kit, COR-TEN $41.95
1077715300-ADA Picnic Table End Bracket Kit, Galvanized $31.50
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