MINNCOR Fabric and Vinyls

MINNCOR Standard Fabrics

Fedora - Tier 1

25 colors available

Foundation 10 - Tier 2
44 colors available

Reverb - Tier 1
13 colors available

Shauntung - Tier 1
13 colors available

Bryant Park - Tier 2
CF Stinson
15 colors available

Dart - Tier 2
CF Stinson
10 colors available

New Hempstead - Tier 2
CF Stinson
17 colors available

*Click on the fabric swatch to see additional colors*

MINNCOR Standard Vinyls

Montana - Tier 2
CF Stinson
28 colors available

Naugasoft - Tier 2
CF Stinson
22 colors available

Rally - Tier 2
CF Stinson
32 colors available
*Click on the vinyl swatch to see additional colors*

What is Tier 1 and Tier 2?

Executive Order 12-12 specifically states that State Agencies shall improve operational practices to achieve 25% sustainable purchases out of total spend on "priority" Contracts. Office furniture contract, F-379, is considered a "priority" Contract.

To help reduce hazardous chemical in the workplace, this contract implements a two-tier system to categorize the available products. Tier 1 products have been verified to contain no chemicals of concern and can be purchased without restriction. Tier 2 products may contain some level of the hazardous chemicals, or are products that have yet to be reviewed and require approval prior to purchase. This system was developed to help Minnesota State Agencies move towards a toxic-free workplace by prioritizing purchase of products that do not contain chemicals of concern, while still allowing some latitude if needed. Tier 2 products should be purchased as a last resort.

For Minnesota State Agencies: If you have a need to purchase Tier 2 products, you must first obtain written approval from the AMS.

Laminate Options

To view a list of standard laminate options, please click here.

Wood Finishes

All pieces constructed of wood are available in either a Natural (Oak or Maple), English Oak or Early American finish.


Natural Oak

English Oak

Early American

Natural Maple