Wood Fabrication

As always, MINNCOR Industries combines high-quality craftmanship with low prices; our wood shop specializes in precision and individualized wood fabrication.  Manufacturing is done on-site by skilled technicians using top-of-the-line machinery.  We fashion simple crafts, such as cabinet doors and nightstands, or elaborate items, like residence furniture and tables.  As a customer, you can rest assured that your products will withstand the toughest wear and tear of any environment.

Our production equipment includes traditional table saws, edge finishers, routers, and CNC machinery.  We utilize a wide variety of natural wood or Medium-Density Fiberboad (MDF) and can meet any covering request.  Some of the wood manufacturing techniques used include plastic injection molding, die casting, acrylic fabricating, and resin enhancing.  Once the product is finished, it can be packaged using high-quality corrugated- and poly-foam for protection during shipment.

To see a list of the machines MINNCOR currently uses, click here.

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